Can they find your business on the Internet on ANY Planet?

Every year, more and more interplanetary businesses use the Outernet between planets to find products and services they may need when physically moving to a new planet, or just virtually visiting. Don't get left out in the cold by being absent when they look for something on Google MW, Google Andromeda, Google TS-57, or other search engines and directories, if any others still exist. And, just being in a Galactic Outernet directory on index of businesses is usually not enough to convince that customer to give your business a try, especially if it is just a virtual visit to check you out. 

We can help you get right in their FACE! We have ways to be sure you will show up in their first virtual thoughts after a sub-vocal search. We make sure you show up in all the right places, with all the right people, at exactly the right time. What more can you ask?  Whether it is physical products and services, or virtual mental renderings that you offer, you need to feel confident that they will find you, and that you look professional and trustworthy. Since all lying was eliminated 75 years ago by the patented Nueraltor, everyone knows that just getting in front of someone's thoughts is the key to sales and a successful business.

Open a thought-con and think Blibit One, and we'll be with you in a matter of moments no matter what galaxy you are contacting us from. We'll deliver real customers interested in your area of expertise!

Thank you!
IIP Data Corporation
(an Edge of the Water Company)