Can they find YOUR business on the Outernet from any Planet?

Every moment in the NOW, more and more interplanetary businesses use the Outernet Indexing systems to find products and services they may need when physically moving to a new planet, or just virtually selling to remote worlds.  Don't get left out in the cold by being absent when they look for something on one of the lesser systems. Since Google-Universe died (the last of the DARK operations), the other honest operators had to be sure they were there for you! 

We can help you get right into their thoughts! We have ways to be sure you will show up in their first virtual thoughts after a sub-vocal search. We make sure you show up in all the right places, with all the right people, at exactly the right time. What more can you desire, or ask? 

Whether it is physical products and services, or virtual mental renderings that you offer, you need to feel confident that they will find you, and that you appear professional and trustworthy. Since the Magnetic Service eliminated all miscommunications (the ability to deceive another) everyone knows that you just need to get into the front of someone's thoughts to be their service provider of choice. 

Open a thought-con and think Blibit-One, and we'll be with you in a matter of seconds no matter where you reside, or your galaxy of Origin, we'll deliver real customers interested in your area of expertise!

Thank you so very much!  We Love You!
Interplanetary Data Corporation
(an Edge of the Water Company)