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A WAR IN HEAVEN (continued)

These weapons were every bit as powerful and advanced as any we know from science fiction movies and books. They were aboard craft that were also as advanced as any you find in those same movies and books, and they were as large or larger than you can imagine, with some being many miles long. There is evidence of this battle all over the solar system, and even on Earth. Indian historical texts discuss a later battle, most likely in the same war, including the detonation of nuclear weapons described as perfectly as if they were standing in the Nevada desert watching one of the many tests carried out there. Why does anyone doubt what they described? How else would they know what it looked like?


A lot of damage was done in the first and probably the largest battle of that war which was also an invasion of our original world. Who proposed the "cease fire" or agreement and exactly how it played out is not recorded anywhere, or at least I have no idea where, if it is, but I suspect it was our Creator. She was defending her experiment from a group of her own children (if that relationship even makes sense when an energetic
being of such immense power creates offspring). They were renegades, and frankly, they thought they could do a better job running things than she could. In other words it was a rebellion.  These beings are what many refer to as angels, or in their case, Fallen Angels no longer in service to their own Creator. Exactly when is not stated, but at some point, our Creator took away the Creative abilities of the few in the group of renegades that had them. Now, everything they do must be accomplished in the simulated 3D reality we find ourselves using advanced technology. And much of it is so advanced it really does look like magic to us. For example, picture a tube-shaped craft 30,000 kilometers long and 1000 miles in diameter that creates rings around a planet. See what I mean? You really didn't think those rings around Saturn were natural, did you? The theory that they were left behind from the process of accretion when the sun was created is a real stretch. Stars are created through accretion in the Electric Universe. Please go to and get caught up on our reality, and clean your mind of Black Holes, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, the Big Bang and Unicorns, too. To be honest, Unicorns have the best chance of existing compared to all of these things.


The Gnostics were not bashful when describing what they were all about. Knowledge, knowing, and knowing the TRUTH was at the core of their very being. The name Gnostics comes from the Greek gnosis - "knowing" or "to know"  But it wasn't just an intellectual search for general purpose knowledge. It was instead, a search for the goodness of their soul, their spirit, and the secret for their salvation. And by "secret" I mean the pieces of information that one needed to know in order to actually escape the physical world and return home. That was their goal for salvation - to return to their true lives as energetic beings with a "Heart" that worked as it was supposed to. And yes, an energetic being has an energetic heart! 

Almost everything they did was to find and know the truth about who they were spiritually, what was required in their relationship with their Creator, and how to attain Salvation, which meant surviving and returning to their spiritual, energetic life once the physical avatar they inhabited had died, to return home. Home to their Creator.

As I read more and more about the Gnostics, I realized that they actually believed what I do, albeit described a little differently, which is that the human body is effectively part of a prison system (my description, not theirs) as is the entire physical part of this world. It was created or at least modified to hold us after our world was destroyed.

Exactly how they learned all that they knew according to their writings, I have not figured out. But they knew they were on a world filled with unsavory characters and entities, and they knew that learning how to love life (your own and all others, even your enemies), how to be compassionate and truly empathetic, and to be caring were all very important to the spirit if we were ever to return to our energetic form free of these nasty beings forever!  But they also sought the "secret" to be able to escape, and to be free. And I believe that they finally learned as I did that it was inside of us all the time. I am also sure that each of us has to seek it for ourselves. I felt my greatest impediment was holding on to even the smallest level of enmity for those I knew were acting against me, against humanity, and mostly against the energetic beings that we are. I crossed a very big bridge holding me back when I truly let go of the feelings of hatred as well as fear for all those I considered my enemies and the enemies of all of us who wish us harm.

Another major understanding was that we were not abandoned by our Creator as some believe or feel, even if they don't express it. What makes us all that we are is the Spiritual energy we were given that only our Creator can provide, and this is not only what makes us Creators, but ties us to our Creator as extensions of her energy from which she learns and experiences all that we do. In other words, what we learn, she learns, and all that we know, she knows. We were left in this dark place to learn, to learn for us, and for her. Most people do not yet know just how dark and evil this world really is, but they will soon find out. Some will be shocked, afraid, and confused that such things could even be taking place on their world, at all. But, it is not their world. No, it is not. And it never was.

This doesn't mean that I don't protect myself and those I love and care about, of course I do. But it means I no longer dwell on or think about them in that way. If anything I feel sorry for those who can't experience what I do, and those who would harm me, or prevent me from reaching my goals. If I could help them to learn, I would do it. But somehow, I am fairly certain that they were created in a way that will not allow them to love another being, at least not as we do.

I have the same goals as the Gnostics. I no longer want to go around and around being reincarnated over and over unable to consciously remember any of my past lives. But, I am certain I remember small pieces or "snippets" of them.  It is not like Deja vu. For example, I remember standing fairly close to the Eiffel Tower and thinking "I'm sure glad I don't have to paint that beast!" - only I have never been to Paris. At least not in this life. Furthermore, the tower was painted brown and there were horses and old style autos in the streets behind it.

I believe I now know what I need to do to escape the prison I am in. And finding out that I was helping them keep me here almost as if I was one of their guards, and learning how to change those feelings (and truly understanding why I had them) was a big hurdle I crossed. I know that I must simply reinforce my beliefs and know that I will not go with them into their recycle center again. And these beliefs, this knowledge, it must be carried in detail through death. I will use my Free Will to say NO, if only to myself should I avoid them completely (which I desire). Then make my way and escape from this world of theirs by setting my intentions and literally "thinking" my way out. 

Please read Wes Penre's latest 6th Learning Level that discusses the Gnostics and his discoveries. It is an important document and worth the time spent on it. In fact, if you have time, you should read all of the public material Wes has produced and shared with the world. I don't agree with all of it, but about 90% of it is "Spot On" in my opinion.


Thinking, as it applies to traveling as an energetic being means setting your intentions to go somewhere, and to do it! Wes says you will find holes in the energy field or grid that was once a tight mesh (no holes) and kept us here, preventing our escape when in our energetic form (minus the human body). The overall increase in planetary, collective (mass) consciousness is eating away at their grid, the shield holding us here. This may also be partly due, or aided by the fact that the Earth's magnetic field (it's "shield") has greatly weakened over the last 40 years or so. In fact, many things have changed electrically with the Earth's surface and atmosphere over the last few decades. The Poles are moving,

Once you get out of the Earth's grasp, think your way to the Orion Empire, or the Gates of Orion. Can you stop by 4 or 5 light years before the Horse Head Nebula for a bird's eye view tour? Maybe, but I would put off your sight-seeing excursion for a little while <smile>. I suspect there is a lot you and I need to catch up on.

The Invaders know what you are thinking and what your religious beliefs are, if you have any. Gnosticism is not a religion in any fashion. It is one being searching for the truth. The secret deep inside of you, inside of your own being.

The Invaders are very advanced technologically. They can show you exactly what you think you will see. If you thought Jesus was a green-eyed, red-haired person in orange robes, then that is who will greet you to take you into their recycle center. If you are a Buddhist, then
Buddha sporting a perfectly rounded belly will greet you to hold your hand on the way in. And Muslims will be greeted by Mohammad, himself, of course. If you  listed to those who have died and come back (Near Death Experiences or NDEs), this is who 95% of them report meeting on the other side. Those running this place can read all of the memories from your past life. And if you do go in, they will use those memories for a past life review, and after the review, I am sure that they will tell you that you need one more time through the process of "making the sausage" of your life to get it right. How many is that now? 99? 100? 101? Only they know for sure.

There is a central seat of all power in the universe of all things. The Gnostics call it the Pleroma, and the Prime Creator who lives or resides within the Pleroma created a fixed number of what they called Aeons (I do not know the exact pronunciation, but I have heard of A-ons and E-ons). I prefer the former. Each of these Aeon had different sets of attributes and capabilities. The number was somewhere between 12 and 30, but the exact number is not known. Our Creator was the last of the Aeons created and her set of abilities included those given to Aeons before her, plus she was also given the ever important attribute of "wisdom" which allowed her to Create the lower frequency simulation of the 3D universe in which humans now live. But we, the beings that we truly are, live across several dimensions. And in this dimension, we inhabit the human avatars, or incarnate within them, to use a more correct and meaningful term.


If the world and the reality you find yourself in is not comprised of the matter-based reality it appears to be, is it any less real to you?  And if it isn't real like we have been told and like we may think it is, does this require or force you to treat it any differently than if it was a real matter based world?

The answer is both no and yes (in that order). No, you would not treat it any differently on a day to day basis, but in certain circumstances or situations, yes, there are advantages knowing it isn't matter-based and with that knowledge you very well may be able to change the outcome of certain events unfolding before you, especially if you helped to create this world on a day to day basis. More on this concept of co-creation, shortly.

The term trans-dimensional implies a universe of multiple dimensions, but adds that energy and information combined can convert thoughts and ideas originating in an upper level dimension into physical simulations in lower level or lower frequency dimensions. The information for all that we think of as physical (such as Earth and all of its inhabitants) is carried in a dimension above this one.  And the energy to make use of that information flows in vast currents into and out of the poles of what we see as our world. These huge currents and the conversion of the information into the physical elements (with its transition into this dimension) is what creates the electromagnetic field around our world. Mars now only has a weak field, but prior to the destruction of all of the cities and most of the life on Mars, its field was much stronger.


The Bible is probably where you read it first, and it indicates that we were made in the image of our Creator. The meaning of these apparently simple words goes far beyond the implications that you will look like your Creator and have two legs, arms, eyes, nostrils, ears, a mouth and a face and be similar in appearance to your Creator. In fact, it has nothing to do with your appearance at all. The primary meaning was that we were beings made of energy, and having been made in the image of our Creator, we also have the added gift of Spiritual Energy which is what also gives us the ability to create reality from our thoughts, beliefs and intentions.

It is difficult to perceive the creative process happening here in this "holographic" like physical, low frequency reality called 3D, but it is happening, nonetheless. Many have equated this "slow" existence to like living in a world of molasses. 


The New Agers (yet another religion) think of our creative abilities in terms of The Law of Attraction where thinking positively about a thing will eventually cause it to materialize (or cause conditions to allow it to). But this is a very simple understanding of a very complex and powerful ability we were given by our Creator. We create the reality around us on a continuous basis. The information layer in the Trans-dimensional design carries all of the information needed to produce the simulated mater universe that we call 3D. Douglas Vogt of the Diehold Foundation pioneered this theory and it fits perfectly with those of us who know and have witnessed or experienced the Creative processes first hand. Our reality is Information based and just like the simulation of games on a computer, the information needed to render reality is carried in a stream and fed to the rendering routines where it is assembled and displayed. In our reality, this occurs as the transition of data to the current layer L, comes from the layer above it, L+1. Programmers in a game simulation can picture this happening, but I do not believe we have the ability to imagine the immense amount of data and processing power needed to create a 3D reality like the one in which we live. It is a staggering amount.

The important part of this concept for us to grasp is our part in the Creation and not the design or mechanics of it. Our ability to create depends on two very basic elements. The first is our intention (what we desire and intend to create) which is always in the forefront of our thoughts, and the second element and probably the most important part of the creative process is the collection of our deepest beliefs. In other words, if you are absolutely sure something will happen, or you know it is going to happen and you believe it with all of your spirit and being, it is much more likely to happen, and it will be manifested based on your beliefs as a foundation. Of course there are other factors involved such as doubt, which affect the process, but the two primary elements are the keys.

With the above simplified view of the creative process in mind, what if someone wanted to use your Creative abilities to create a world as they wanted it to be?  They could lie to you and tell you that the world worked a certain way and that things would happen in a way that they desired, and if it was all you knew (literally from birth), you would end up creating exactly what THEY wanted you to create as they wanted it done. This is exactly what has happened to us. The lie is huge and very complicated. But we are beginning to pick it apart, slowly but surely to bring the TRUTH to the surface for all to see.


The statement that "Everything You Know Is Wrong" is almost an understatement. Those who run this world control almost all real sources of information, This includes the major world news agencies, all institutions of higher learning, all forms of information publishing, the ever important entertainment industry (that no one really needs) and of course, the "Bully Pulpits" of our governments.

The process you know as Peer Review in science is more a method of control than truly a way to vet the most accurate information. It has kept the Electric Universe Theory in the background for many years, and only now is it making a real debut on the science scene, and only now during the Great Awakening has it finally begun to make headway since the Internet is allowing the truth to flourish. They can't stop all sources of truth (including true science) from being published online. There are just too many.

No, we don't live in a matter-based universe. No, the Big Bang did not happen. No, there are no Black Holes, no Dark Matter or Dark energy as they have theorized to plug the gaping holes in the tired old theories that were pushed on us to hide our true reality from us. And there are no unicorns, either, at least none that we are aware of, though they may have existed in the past (seriously!).

Plasma is the key to stars, and most everything else, for that matter. Stars are electrical current-driven, self-forming multi-layered Plasma Reactors and they are fully capable of the of the transmutation of elements (converting one element to another, usually heavier element).  We also may very well be in a simulation of this world since it to may have been destroyed some time ago, but that is not important right now. In a simulation,
many things that what we think of as "matter" is simulated matter created from plasma (charged particles) formed by complex frequency patterns of electromagnetic fields. At least this is the theory I subscribe to for the physics part of my understanding of a simulated planet or star system in my cosmology - everything in the universe is electrical and electromagnetic. None of this is real as we have been taught. Granted, it is one hell of a simulation, but it is a simulation nonetheless. The term holographic may be misleading since we are only familiar with holographics as it applies to light from two or more sources, flat planes creating an apparent 3D image. But when applied to electromagnetics, the 3D creations take on an apparent 3D physical existence as do all things in a simulated reality. But the science behind all of it is not really the important part of this information.

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