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The Queen Is An Invader
"Queen seen by her subjects in a different form"
Truth Seekers

While at an official event in 2016, the audience saw the Queen as she really exists. It scared them. And it should have. They gave no excuse and basically just said, we are in charge and you simply have to live with it. The following pages are from an article in a publication I saved, but the link I have no longer work or I would send you to it. The information is valid since I saw it on the Queens Official web site that day, as well, but I did not think to copy the pages. Thankfully some fast thinking person did save them since they were taken down a few hours after they were posted.


As unreal as this sounds, I assure you it is very real. They are here running things already and they have been for a very long time.

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The Queen's Disguise Fails


The Fine Print:  No, there's really nothing down here worth reading, but did you know that Google and the other search engines like LOTS-o-TEXT to index ("hey... it's what they do!") - so words like For example, if we were running a dogie day care, then we would have lots of Dog words and dog stuff.  I think you get it... don't you? 
Arf Arf.