Email Account and Server Information
(For hosted domains)

If you have an email account on one of our servers with your domain hosted by us, and you want to set up your email client to work with the server, here is the information:

 POP3 Server Name:
 SMTP Server Name:
  IMAP Server Name:

IMAP services provide only email services, and storage on the server is limited to 50 megabytes (normally your inbox). If you send and receive a lot of email, stick with POP3 and SMTP.

Make sure to use the complete domain name after the "mail." host name. And, yours may not end with .com (as shown above in the example). 

When your mail client (e.g., Outlook, Thunderbird, Eudora, etc.) wants your POP3 or SMTP user name, you must enter your entire email address and not just your name. 
Not just Bob,  but

Are you SICK of SPAM (junk email)? 
We can tell you how to PREVENT getting SPAM by letting you know how you got on their lists in the first place, then we can get you a NEW email user name so that you can  practice our methods of prevention.

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1. ANTI SPAM (and Uncle BadBoy)
The first thing I am going to tell you, you may not believe:  85% of all SPAM is generated by about 10 companies owned by people that are making a fortune selling cheap garbage (JUNK), or they are advertising for others that sell all kinds of things.  So how do you fight these big junk-email-machines?  You really can't, but then again, you don't have to because we do it for you. Believe it or not, the business world is very sick of SPAM, too. It costs huge amounts of money to pay for the high speed Internet connections and most of the space on these connections is consumed by junk email (SPAM)! This is the same thing as companies stealing YOUR money to buy the post stamps to send YOU printed junk mail (that's not nice, now is it?).  To combat SPAM, the business world has cooperated to form several organizations that track these Junk Email Criminals. And yes, they are criminals. They steal our bandwidth. WE PAY for their advertising. These Anti SPAM organizations provide a way for our mail servers to reject the connections of other servers run by these hoodlums. As soon as we see their addresses, we disconnect them. We don't even bother to see what it is they are trying to send.

2. Another 10% Is Small Potatoes
Another 10% of the SPAM is generated by smaller SPAM Operators all over the world. They generally send their emails over computer servers that they break into by taking advantage of naive server operators (new people that don't know enough to protect their servers when they set them up). There are also private organizations that were created by plain old people like you and me that track and help us to stop this additional 10% of the criminals. These companies have fake email addresses and whenever these addresses get email, the server that sends them the email is placed on a blocked list for several days. Now, you may ask, "how do they know it is junk email (SPAM) going to these fake email addresses?"  Because these addresses are never used and never legally added to any mailing list (they don't have users for them, so how could they?). So if they end up getting email, it IS SPAM.

3. Leaks can add up to a flood if left unchecked...
Even though these organizations help us to block 95% of the junk email from all over the world, the 5% that gets through is still very irritating and is also very time consuming. In the last 50 days (since this was written), we have had 348,659 mail servers attempt to connect with our mail servers. Out of those, we blocked 224, 808 of them (they were certified SPAMMERS). Then out of the 123,851 that were connected, we blocked another 2021 emails as SPAM. This means that very close to two thirds of all connections were blocked as certified SPAMMERS. This means we had 121,830 emails that were sent and received on our servers. Out of those, only about 7% were outgoing connections, and we do not send any SPAM from our servers. We monitor all users on our servers to make sure we are NOT a source of SPAM. Users sending even ONE SPAM (a single unsolicited commercial or political email) are immediately terminated and not allowed back on our servers. This is a CONCRETE policy (set in stone) and will never change. Now, we can assume that at least 50% of all incomming email that makes it to the users is SPAM, and this is a very conservative estimate. This means that 56,650 SPAM emails still made it into our users.We don't like it, but if we were more agressive, we may block an important business or personal email, which we NEVER want to do.

It is the leftover 5% of the spammers that are making it through our defenses, and YOU can help us (and yourselves) by not letting your name get on these junk email lists to begin with. Here's how to do just that:

  • Do not put your email address up on public web sites, bulletin boards, or other visible places on the web. Simply avoid it the best you can. The SPAMMERS have special software that goes from web site to web site (by address number in order) and "harvests" all of the email names on them.  If you have to put your email address up on a message board in the text area of the message, you can generally avoid being harvested by entering your email address like this: MyEmailName(at)
  • Check the privacy policy of web sites where you must enter your email address and make sure it specifically says that they NEVER sell or give away their lists of email addresses for any reason. If it doesn't say this, then they probably sell their addresses lists.
  • When signing up for things, pay attention to "check boxes" on the sign-up form that ask (confirm) if they can "occasionally share your email address" with their "friends" to send you wonderful offers. JUST SAY NO. This is how it all begins. Company A sells the list to Company B, then  Company B sells it to Company C, and before you know it, you end up on every SPAM list in the world. Keep in mind that Company A would NEVER sell your name to a real SPAMMER, but they don't know if Company C, D, E or F are reputable. In fact, they don't even know they exist.
  • If your "friend" is one of those people that sends you jokes, pictures, and other things, make sure to ask them NOT to put your name in a BIG LIST in the TO: or CC: line of the email. Tell them to use the BCC: line. The email addresses placed in the BCC: line don't show up on the next person's computer. A lot of email harvesting is from long lists of email addresses in jokes that are forwarded around the country. Likewise, when you forward something to your friends, take the rest of the names out of the forwarded email. Edit it BEFORE you send it. It only takes a few seconds, and it is the courteous thing to do. 
  • Porn sites (and other nefarious web sites) are NOT to be trusted with your email address - PERIOD. Do I really need to tell you this? Well... I did, anyway.
That's all there is to it. It's not difficult to prevent a TON of junk email from entering your in-box every day. You just have to be a bit proactive in preventing your name from showing up on the proverbial bathroom walls of the Internet.

If you end up getting a bunch of SPAM and you don't want it. Ask us for a new email address and we will forward your old email address to your new one until you have notified all of the legitimate users of your old address (We can set up a 90 or 120 day auto-destruct of your old email address).

If you don't have ANTI-Everything software yet, here is a page with my favorites on it:
And most of it is FREE!  Free is good (most of the time, it is...). 

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