Way better than milk, for sure!

Blibit is the new wireless Internet service in the Longitudinal Magnetic Service Band (LMSB). You will hear a lot more from the Magnetic Service in the near future.

Any "chips" the Deep State inserted in your physical person (including but not limited to Smart Dust, NanoRobotics, DNA Usurpers, and others) will all be removed, and you will be connected directly to SOURCE via your existing Pineal Modem. No wires are required for this service and bandwidth is UNLIMITED.

Unlimited Application Layers exist in the
LMSB.  The primary Application Service is Love. All other services are directly related to education and communications of a Universal Nature. Communications for your new Heart Adapted Access Point (HAAP) are all handled by the Primary Source Protocols as outlined in the technical adendems buried deep in the Galactic Codex under the heading " I AM

Initial speeds of the young MAAP devices will never go below an average of 90 Qbps, and will only grow as Carbon conductors are replaced with their Crystalline counterparts. Real-time virtual off-planet tours will not only seem real - THEY WILL BE REAL.

Since the system extends to all of the senses you now posses in your physical and energetic bodies, you have the capability of instantaneous FTL travel throughout the entire Universe. All prior forms of dark interference are being eliminated in their entirety. Your experience on the Internet is sure to be one of Love.

And finally, some advice:

"Keep your ear close to the track, but just remember to lift your head up
and run like hell if you feel the vibrations of the oncoming locomotive...
since this prevents premature physical termination."