Way better than milk, for sure!

Blibit is the new wireless Internet service in the 0.023cm band that is tied directly into your cerebral cortex. A small chip is inserted just above the ear under the skin in a small artificially created cavity. From there, thin, 3500 conductor interwoven gold over copper wires are run under the lower epidermal layers connected to two small probes that are inserted directly into the upgraded cranial contacts for direct trans-digital communications for your new Mentally Adapted Access Point (MAAP). 

Initial speeds of the MAAP devices are still below average at ~90Tbps, but as the crystal NPL technology improves, so will the speed. Real-time virtual off-planet tours can still seem extremely real even at speeds below 100Tbps* while you are still awake.

Since the probes have recently been extended to communicate with the pleasure centers of the brain, we have added counter-measures to ensure that you are not terrorized by the typical spies trying to piggy-back on your signal. We also no longer worry about Digital-Union-thugs since we can render them totally  brain-dead (which is not very far to push them) when they attempt to interfere with our network. 

The new auto-navigation system now covers all situations you would normally encounter when your body is on the move walking or running and you are virtually "Out of Body" visiting elsewhere.  It didn't take long for us to realize that even people who were good "multi-taskers" couldn't handle the intense stimulation  while driving, walking or in Z-Grav situations (e.g., for reasons that were not immediately apparent, several persons were crushed as they seemed to lose all sense of direction, left the electronic walkways and veered directly in front of subsonic vehicles moving at high speeds). Thankfully, this no longer happens. Ugggh..  The Ambulance Chasers made a FORTUNE on that mess...

* Equal to 12.5 Terabytes per second across 70,000 discrete synaptic D-to-A channels.

And finally, some advice:

"Keep your ear close to the track, but just remember to lift your head up
and run like hell if you can feel the vibrations of the oncoming locomotive..."