Employment with Blibit

Blibit used to periodically list job positions in southern Wisconsin, New York, Washington, D.C. and Econlockhatchee Florida.

Sadly, those places no longer exist, and since our government lied to the people living in those areas about being in a Binary Star system when they first confirmed it, most of the people in those places had no time to prepare for the close pass of Lucifer (Sol's crippled little brother, the Redish Brown Dwarf Star), and they also no longer exist.

Blibit is STILL an equal opportunity employer, and when we get back in shape, we will STILL require you to have a fully functional brain. A partially working or non-working brain is sadly what disqualifies most people from employment with Blibit.  That, and going to a university rife with moronic Socialist Professors (I mean, really?  Could there be less educated people teaching other people ANYWHERE on Earth?  Nope...).

And remember,


It always has, and it always will.

And the lesson all of you needed, but never got:

Keep Your Government, and your Corporations Small, and mandate that all  communications between the Government and those Corporations be recorded and made publicly available. Do this, and there is a really good chance, your government will serve YOU, the people, and not the crooked corporations. OK?  ok.

Thank you!