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A Planetary Awakening Is Underway...
Truth Seekers
As we go through and experience life, we learn new truths. Some truth remains with us and becomes higher truth (a foundation), while other things are countered, understood, pushed aside and become falsehoods, or lessons learned.

If you are one of those who has a sudden thirst for the truth, and you can plainly see that most of the things around you are either a facade of lies, or "bread and circus" to keep you otherwise occupied, then you are what I call ONE OF THE AFFECTED. You are waking up to find out that all is not as it seems.

Consider it a gift, a wake-up call, a tap on the shoulder from an unseen helper, or maybe a knock on your door from an old friend. Have no fear about your desire for the truth. It simply means that YOU are beginning to see reality as it truly exists, at least the first layers of it. As you search for truth, the lies and impediments they have placed in your way are falling by the wayside as you quest for the truth about your life - your existence, this place, and your purpose here (or elsewhere, for that matter). 


Behind the scenes, a struggle is taking place for the levers of power that control this world. And frankly, I am not sure how it will turn out (I'll explain in a moment).  I know that it is the classic struggle of good over evil, light over darkness, and Love over Fear.  On one side, we have compassion, caring, empathy, and a desire to help others live a better life, a free life, and attempting not to impede the free will of others. While on the other, it is a constant fight to maintain control, to instill fear in the masses, and to feed on the energy and even the flesh of others. Many of us can't understand how someone can be so dark, so evil, so uncaring as to beat, rape, kill and even consume the blood and flesh of a child, who is least able to defend itself.  It goes against everything we know to be right, to be good, to be as most of us desire things to be.


It is almost as if some kind of special light is flipped on such that many of us can now see that so much of the daily routine and what can only be described as a form of slavery is pushed on us each and every day by whoever or whatever runs this world. Somehow we know that the archaic forms of energy we use are a joke, and a very sick joke, at that. For example, nuclear power is foisted upon humanity and we are literally taught that it is a savior of mankind, that electricity from nuclear energy will be too cheap to meter.  And here we are 65 years later only to find that it is destroying parts of our planet and the very life within it. Then we are told to seek nuclear fusion, claiming it is what powers our sun, our star. And that turns out to be yet another lie, almost a joke, if you will. Our star is not a huge compressed mass of matter so tightly packed that it self-ignites as a ball of energy caused by nuclear fusion. In fact, our star is powered by huge ribbons of electric current. These ribbons of energy run between stars and from stars to planets, and they are called Birkeland Currents, named for Kristian Birkeland, who theorized their existence in the late 1800s.  Several scientists with valid theories describing an Electric Universe were pushed aside all through the 1900s to maintain the lies that now fill our textbooks from which, sadly, we STILL teach our children. The reason for this is that knowing that we live in an "Electric Universe" will greatly increase the speed at which we learn the truth about who and what we are, and who it is that is oppressing us, and the reasons behind it (and there are several reasons).


My point here is not a science lesson, but instead an example to show you that we are fed intentional lies about almost everything, and those currently in power will do almost anything to keep these lies in place. We are discovering that
most of the "recorded" History and the Sciences (Cosmology, Physics, Medicine, Geology, etc.) that we learn comes from a carefully crafted narrative that intentionally hides the TRUTH from all of us about who and what we are, what Earth is, and who really runs this "show" - and it is a show, too. And it is all produced for our consumption. What do they hide, you may ask? EVERYTHING. Literally everything.


The truth about our Sciences and Cosmology will surely lead to questions they don't want us to ask. The reason why is that the theories in Physics and Cosmology are like dominoes.  When one falls over it takes many others with it. And what happens is, little by little, their lies are uncovered to reveal the true sciences that power and govern our world, and our universe, and this begins to reveal that the world we live on is not exactly what we thought it was. Then, the fairy tales will begin to crumble, such as the existence of Black Holes, Dark Matter and Dark Energy that no one can see or measure. And the sun, Sol, that we knew was not a nuclear fusion engine, is an electric powered, self-forming, current-fed, plasma reactor, and a sphere that generates light, heat and also transmutes elements in the plasma that rides in several layers on its surface. Plus, it is part of a network of stars in our galaxy whose real science we can truly begin to study and understand. Then, I can only imagine the wonders we may begin to discover about our universe. The huge currents that feed the stars also flow into and out of planets, and along with the currents is a stream of information. It is information that describes all the we see on Earth, and the rest of the universe in what is known as a trans-dimensional reality. No, there was no Big Bang, and this is not a matter based reality. Not even close. And it is surely no accident as the materialists, atheists and evolutionists claim. We are a Creation, and a mighty awesome one, at that. As is the entire Universe.


We already know that NASA lies to us, pretty much on a daily basis (and not just about Global Warming). When the images we see from the Mars rovers are analyzed with forensics software, we find that they are heavily "doctored" to hide what Mars is really like, and it is mostly done to hide the horrible tragedy that took place on Mars so long ago. The pictures that come back from Mars are hiding the remnants of a civilization that was destroyed in a huge war. Millions if not billions of beings were killed on that world some 150,000 to 250,000 years ago.


To the authors of the Bible, Heaven was up, up above our world. In other words, it was in space. And that is where several large battles took place in a war that left plenty of evidence that it was violent, brutal and was carried out with very advanced weapons.



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